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Friday, May 27, 2011

Aku benci kau

Bila satu hari nanti aku tak ada... adakah kau boleh terima kenyataan?
Bila satu hari nanti aku berubah...mampukah kau terima?

Cinta memang pelik.
Kenapa bila aku sendiri aku tak tahu apa-apa?
Aku benci Cinta.
Dia buat aku lumpuh. Aku tak perlukan ini.

Mak pernah cakap "Hati-hati dengan Cinta. Dia akan buat kau merana"
Aku ikut cakap Mak. Aku tak berkawan dengan Cinta
Tapi satu hari Cinta datang.
Aku tak kawan dengan dia. Tapi dia datang cari aku.

Aku benci Cinta.
Aku benci ketakberdayaan aku yang buat aku lumpuh.

Bila satu hari nanti kau tak ada...aku akan cuba terima kenyataan
Bila satu hari nanti kau berubah...mungkin aku terima saja.
Aku benci kau.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

High School All Over Again...

Taken from here. (Source : Life With Baby Donut)

Why Blogging Can Feel Like High School

Lately I’ve read several posts on various blogs about the difficulty of blogging and gaining followers.  These writers lament the fact that they have been blogging for X amount of time and only have a few followers to show for it.  And I see this same sentiment expressed by bloggers who have 50 followers, as well as those who have 500 followers.  We all want the same thing:  To be noticed, to be appreciated, to be LOVED, dammit!

And we all want to be the most popular kid around.That’s why blogging is analogous to the feelings we had in high school.

We want to be the kid with the designer clothes
I know we all look at everyone else’s blogs and wonder how they got that fabulous look.  We start comparing our own blog and suddenly it feels like ours is yesterday’s designers discount.  We want the trendy and expensive $200 jeans, not the $30 knock-off we picked up at TJMaxx.  We try designing our own or hiring a fancy graphic artist, but there is always someone more trendy than us.

We want to be the cheerleader that all the football players want to date
You know, you want to be the “It” girl—the blog to which everyone flocks.  The blog that everyone talks about with oohs and aahs.  We want to be admired and be the blog that makes people say, “What’s she got that I don’t?”

We want to be the Homecoming Queen
Just look at your local TV listing to see what award is being handed out this week.  We’re surrounded by award shows.  Every year we watch the Oscars, the Emmys, the Super Bowl.  Someone, somewhere is being crowned with some type of recognition.  Just once (or maybe twice!), we want to be handed the prize while everyone else claps for us.  

We want to be voted Best All-Around
We’ve seen the blogs that do it all:  the moms who take fabulous pictures, make amazing meals, grow their own food, thresh their own grain.  They have 8 kids, all of whom are clean and take naps.  Their houses look like they belong in a home decorating magazine.  Not only do they do it all, but they do it all spectacularly well.  We also want to be the ones who can do it all and make it look easy—all in front of an online audience, of course!

We want to hang with the cool kids
Oh what we wouldn’t give to be on the “Blogs I Love” list of some of the biggest bloggers.  How awesome would it be to rub shoulders with them and be their BFF?  We want to go to their cool pool parties and eat at their table in the cafeteria.  Being acknowledged by them somehow makes it feel like we’ve arrived, that we belong.

So why do we do this blogging thing?  Why put ourselves out there and then feel disappointed when our blogs don't get the attention we feel they deserve?  I have my own perspective on this which I'll share later, but first, tell me yours.  Why are we doing this?

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