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Saturday, April 30, 2011

LDR - Long Distance Relationship

I hate our LDR. Why? Because I always miss him. And he's always working. Day & nite. Its not easy, these LDR. We managed to go through 5 years together & 2 years apart. These LDR is killing me!

I love him. And I trust him. I have my faith in him. But I'm just human. I do feel lonely when he's not around. I do feel jealous seeing other couple. I do wonder if he's thinking of me when I'm thinking of him... And the saddest part is he doesn't even mind that we're apart.

I'm just human. And I'm weak.... =(

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My wedding gown

Weddings by malyn_mizzunderstood
Weddings, a photo by malyn_mizzunderstood on Flickr.
I find idea & sketch this for about 30mins. theheheeeeeee.... ;)

Love.... Episode 1

Conversation dengan my besties these 2 days revolves around love & men. Nape lelaki cuma nampak superficial things when they first met a girl? Its not fair rite? Kadang2 lelaki cuma nampak perempuan yg cantik, manja, lemah lembut...but plastik! Nape lelaki tak boleh get past that and realize that there's another girl..silent, humble..yet strong and witty. If only they can look through all those superficial and external factors. Don't they understands that the best girls won't stick out that obvious? That's why we're called dime in a dozens.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure his love for me is not superficial or plastic. Why? Because he met me when I'm at my worst. Mentally and physically. And he stick around and shape me into what I am. Today.

Sejak zaman belajar lagi I'm surrounded by girls, all type of girls. But there's one type of girl that are always around no matter where you are. The one who always complaint, " Bile la aku nak dapat boyfriend ni", "I'm such a loser. Why can't I have a man?", " Nape takde orang nak kat aku? Teruk sangat ke aku ni?"

Well life you must believe in "Jodoh". Semuanya dah di tentukan Allah. Jangan persoalkan keje Dia. Allah takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan mereka berusaha mengubahnya sendiri... Get it? Kadang2 Allah bagi kita peluang utk dapat kan jodoh tu. Tapi oleh kerana kita rasa diri kita terlalu bagus utk orang tu, kita biarkan die pegi... Pernah tak korg terfikir pasal tu?

Kadang2 oleh kerana kita ni terlalu bagus, kita cuma nak orang yg setaraf dengan kita. Even a simple flaws is not acceptable. Just because of one simple flaws, you rejected him. You did not even give him a chance to prove himself. Please... I don't believe in love at first sight. First sight is lust. Superficial. External. You need to know a person to love him/her.

Its not fair to tell me " Ko boleh la...da ade bf,da tunang, da nak kawen...". You are not there when we go through these 7 years together. You don't have the slightest idea of how we met, how we fell in love, how we survived these 7 years. Its not fair to blame me for your loneliness!

I did not fall in love with him expecting him to be perfect. Because I know I'm not perfect. I did not fall in love with him despite of his flaws. I fell in love with him because of his flaws. I fell in love with him because I know we're boht not perfect. But we're perfect for each other. We're perfect when we're together.

You don't have the right to say.. "Ko lain la..Tunang ko boleh tahan, dress up pun ok.." Do you know how he's like 7 years ago? Don't reject a guy because of the way he dress,the way he laugh, the way he speak, the way he walks...because its superficial. Its not fair for you to say that when you kept complaining how men only look at superficial things. People can change with time...

Lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik. Remember that. External things won't give you happiness. If you keep searching for the perfect might not realize when the right guy walks away from your life

P/s : I love you boo-boo. For everything that you were, are and everything that you'll ever be.. =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our monograms

Its us!!!

Well...its mainly me (malyn a.k.a amalina). This is our personal blog. Where we'll share everything that happens in our love and life. It not a continuation from my previous blog : My Journey Through Everything Nice but it is merely parallel to what happens in that blog.

We (or actually me) decided to open this blog so that we can scribbled everything (and i really mean, EVERYTHING). My previous blog will focus more on our journey towards our wedding (and its preparation) but this blog will record everything that happens in between and after that!

Well.... JUST ENJOY! =)

Leave your prints here...